ARMINDA Institutional Repository Policies


ARMINDA is a repository maintained by Penrose Library that showcases works by the Whitman College community. The mission of ARMINDA is to collect and preserve scholarly and creative works by Whitman College faculty, students, and staff with preference given to materials that can be made openly accessible.

Penrose Library welcomes scholarly, educational, creative, and research-oriented submissions that support the intellectual life of the College and have enduring value. Submissions should be complete works that are in, or can be converted to, a technically feasible file format. Student works or those produced by visiting scholars should be able to meet any guidelines for scholarly work deemed appropriate by the sponsoring department. The author(s) must be willing and able to grant the right to preserve and distribute the work.

Author Agreement and Copyright

Authors retain copyright for all content contributed to ARMINDA. Submitting a document to the repository does not transfer copyright; it only grants Penrose Library a non-exclusive license to distribute and preserve the work.

Authors who contribute content accept a submission agreement stating that they hold the copyright to the work (or have been authorized by the copyright holder(s) to upload the work for distribution) and agree to permit the document to be posted in ARMINDA.

Multiple Authors

When student work is created by more than one author, it is the responsibility of the primary author to notify all other authors regarding the intent to deposit the work in ARMINDA. The additional students and/or advisors are strongly encouraged, but not required to, sign the ARMINDA Institutional Repository Student Submission Agreement.

When faculty or staff work is produced by more than one author or creator, it is the responsibility of the submitting contributor to ensure all co-authors/creators have been notified of the intent to deposit work in ARMINDA.

Copyright Held by Third Parties

If a submission contains materials for which the author does not hold copyright and exceeds fair use determination, the author/creator is required to obtain any necessary permissions from the copyright owner(s) to grant Whitman College Penrose Library the rights required by the ARMINDA Institutional Repository Non-Exclusive Contributor Agreement and/or the ARMINDA Institutional Repository Student Submission Agreement. This includes works that contain interviews and/or materials subject to IRB protocols. Any such third-party material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of the submission.

Sponsored Work

If the work was sponsored in whole or in part by an agency or organization other than Whitman College, the author has fulfilled any right of review or other obligation required by contract or agreement.


Penrose Library reserves the right to add metadata and other descriptive content to the files in order to ensure that the work is discoverable.

Removing or Updating Work

ARMINDA is intended to be a permanent scholarly repository. It may be necessary in certain special circumstances to remove an item from the repository, especially if the work is deemed to violate copyright law. Once a work is deposited in the repository, a citation to the work will always remain.

Authors/creators interested in posting updated versions of their work should contact the ARMINDA Institutional Repository administrator at .

Privacy Waiver

Students making submissions to ARMINDA agree to waive any privacy rights granted by FERPA or any other law, policy, or regulation, for the purpose of making their work available through ARMINDA.

Thesis Writers

All Honors Theses authors must deposit both a paper copy for the library and a digital copy for the ARMINDA Institutional Repository. The level of access to the thesis is governed by the option selected by the author and faculty sponsor as indicated on the Submission Agreement.

To change the restriction status for a thesis, please contact the ARMINDA Institutional Repository administrator at .

In all cases, a bound copy of the thesis will be available for in-library consultation. Theses with restricted access designations will be available ONLY in the Whitman College and Northwest Archives. They will NOT be shelved with the Allen Room Thesis collection.

Persistent Access and Migration

Penrose Library is committed to preserving the author’s submission as a stable URL, on a long-term basis that enables researchers to discover, access, and link to the work. As far as resources and technology permit, Penrose Library will take steps to ensure the integrity of files deposited in ARMINDA. For a list of recommended file formats, see the ARMINDA Institutional Repository FAQ. To ensure accessibility, we reserve the right to make preservation copies as needed. Links and access to content outside of ARMINDA cannot be guaranteed.