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The Munnick Northwest Ephemera Collection consists of promotional pamphlets featuring towns and cities in Washington and Oregon states as well as photographs of various Pacific Northwest locations, some of which were used in the production of the pamphlets. It also includes some maps of railroad routes as well as other railroad ephemera. These photographs are a selection from the overall collection.

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Adrian R. Munnick Collection of Northwest Ephemera

The collection consists of images that show street scenes, buildings, harvest, landscapes, Whitman College and rural life. The Whitman Centennial and Pendleton Round-up are included. The 1931 Walla Walla flood is documented and a photograph album, sent to Washington, D.C. to document the need for the Mill Creek Project, is part of the collection. These photographs are a selection from the overall collection.

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Arnold Studio Photographs

The specific generational scope of this collection is limited to the figures of Dorsey Syng Baker (known as D.S.), his subsequent wives, and his three sons. A small portion contains correspondence and records for Dorsey's parents-in-law, the Tibbetts. Throughout this collection are valuable records, correspondence, legal documents, and diaries relating many aspects of pioneer and early statehood life in the Pacific Northwest, especially for Portland, Oregon, and Walla Walla, Washington. The records include those for transportation, banking and commerce, agriculture, mining, and land acquisition and management, as represented by the efforts of Dorsey and his sons. Their activities and influence extended to the mid-twentieth century. In addition, there is a small collection of files kept by Baker family members on individual clients or associates. Overall, though the personal letters and diaries provide a few intimate insights, a substantial portion of the Baker Family Collection is a record of family businesses and political and legal interests. These diaries are a selection from the overall collection.

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Baker Family Collection

View Theatre Department production photos (1900-1999) and explore the holdings of Whitman’s Sheehan Gallery and Maxey Museum.

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College Offices and Programs

COVID-19 in Walla Walla 2020: Community, Place, and Organization (Sociology 293) was taught online in the fall semester of 2020 by Whitman College Professor of Sociology Michelle Janning. Students learned about the Walla Walla Valley using a sociological perspective, offering a glimpse into the many issues that strengthen, challenge, and complicate the work of, and connections among, local community organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This collection contains interviews that were conducted before the course began in August, 2020, with residents who engage with local organizational work in areas such as education, health, tourism and business, faith communities, housing, food security, environmental sustainability, immigration, arts, criminal justice, and early learning.

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Electron microscope-produced image of a coronavirus, notable for spikes on its spherical surface.

The collection consists of membership records and directories, deeds and abstracts, correspondence, annual reports and meeting minutes, records of the Peace United Church of Christ, ledger books, the Whitman Memorial service program, financial information, newspaper clippings and a journal, "Records of the First Congregational Church of Walla Walla Washington Territory", from the oldest Congregational Church in the state of Washington. These records are a selection from the overall collection.

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First Congregational Church of Walla Walla Records

The Grand Army of the Republic, Walla Walla, Records include the minutes, membership records, correspondence, and financial records that document the activities of this Civil War veterans’ organization. These records are a selection from the overall collection.

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Grand Army of the Republic, Walla Walla, Records

Student theses and project reports in this collection are a record of Whitman College student scholarship that has been awarded honors in the major department. Digital honors theses are available from 2014 on; earlier honors theses may be available digitally, but many are only available as physical copies held in Penrose Library. 

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Honors Theses

Thinking Digitally: Data & Culture (IDSC 230) was designed to interrogate the information, machines, and systems that structure our lives. Using the Whitman Campus and the Walla Walla community as a source of materials and a laboratory, students worked collaboratively to design critical research questions that could be answered using digital tools. Students investigated practical, ethical, intellectual, creative, and critical interactions between the digital and non-digital worlds through text manipulation, data visualization, and storytelling. The class explored systems of knowledge, used tools to structure and work with many kinds of data, and engaged with debates about digital research methodologies. A team of faculty and staff with expertise in a variety of fields designed the course, which was taught in the Spring of 2017.

  • Sharon Alker, English
  • Amy Blau, Instructional & Data Services Librarian
  • Rachel George, Anthropology
  • Sarah Hurlburt, French
  • Emily Jones, German Studies & Environmental Humanities
  • Colin Justin, Instructional & Learning Technologist for Humanities
  • Justin Lincoln, Art
  • Lydia McDermott, Composition & Director of the Center for Writing and Speaking
  • Ben Murphy, Instructional & Research Librarian
  • Mike Osterman, Director of Enterprise Technology
  • Nico Parmley, Spanish
  • Melissa Salrin, Archivist & Special Collections Librarian
  • David Sprunger, Director of Instructional & Learning Technology

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Interdisciplinary Studies 230: Thinking Digitally

This collection consists of negatives and prints taken by Lester V. Hodgson. The photographs mainly document the flood on Mill Creek in Walla Walla, Washington that occurred between March 31 to April 1, 1931. Also included are photographs of agricultural scenes, a military parade and buildings and street scenes in Walla Walla, Washington. The collection includes a scrapbook containing photographs and postcards, primarily of natural disasters such as fires and floods that occurred in other parts of the United States, and Hodgson's autobiography. These photographs are a selection from the overall collection.

77 items

Lester and Mary Hodgson Photographs and Scrapbooks

The Lester R. Armstrong Photographs collection consists of photographic negatives and includes portraits, family events and scenes of rural, city, work, college and civic life. It includes images from the Walla Walla U.S.O. and McCaw Hospital of wartime activities. There are circus, fair, parade and festival scenes and landscapes and seascapes from Washington, Oregon and California. Commercial work provides a view of the businesses, agriculture and community organizations of the area. An index is available. These photographs are a selection from the overall collection.

5 items

Lester R. Armstrong Photographs

The collection consists of correspondence, diaries, trail reports, notes and journals, genealogical information, images, artifacts and Whitman family and Whitman Mission Bibles. Accounts of the Whitman Massacre include newspaper articles, reports and personal recollections. Materials describing the establishment of the Whitman Monument and the celebration of the Whitman Centennial are also included. These items are a selection from the overall collection.

12 items

Marcus and Narcissa Whitman Collection

Reverend Myron Eells was a prolific writer who documented his work, his surroundings, and his travels. The collection contains articles and books, manuscripts, correspondence, speeches and sermons. A series of six scrapbooks, "The Indians of Puget Sound", contains drawings, photographs and detailed descriptions of the life and culture of those with whom he worked and lived. Travel journals, census reports, books and pamphlets in Pacific Northwest Indian languages and the Eells family Bible are part of this group.
These records are a selection from the overall collection.

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Myron Eells Collection

This collection consists of photographs, slides and negatives depicting planting, harvesting and logging activities. Scenes include mule and horse teams, wheat and pea fields, orchards, ranches and associated industry.

213 items

Pacific Northwest Agricultural Photograph Collection

The Pearsons Academy Records consists of printed materials including receipts, publicity, historical, and enrollment records related to what began as Whitman Academy (1882-1905) and later became Pearsons Academy (1905-1912). These photographs are a selection from the overall collection.

18 items

Pearsons Academy Records

Students in REL 348 use materials in the Whitman College and Northwest Archives to investigate possible factors behind the secularization of Whitman College. When Whitman became a college in 1882, it very much functioned as a cog in the engine of an informal Protestant establishment that claimed that without the inculcation of Christian (i.e., Protestant) virtues, students would lack the necessary self-restraint that citizens in a self-governing republic required. After seminar discussions of the secondary sources that survey the social, intellectual, and institutional reasons that prompted universities and eventually colleges to buck the Protestant establishment and its hold upon the curriculum, students focus upon Whitman College and its history, choose topics for archival research, assemble and examine primary and secondary sources, formulate historical questions and thesis statements, and eventually produce a 20 to 25 page research paper. The goal of the course is to help students, particularly majors in Religion, graduate from writing short analytical papers characteristic of Whitman’s first-year Encounters and survey courses in Religion to writing a senior thesis, required of every major in the Religion Department.

15 items

Religion 348: The Secularization of Whitman College

The Roberts Family Papers contains newspaper and magazine articles written by A.B. Roberts about life in the Northwest of the 1850s, the Indian Wars, the fruit industry, and the founding of Walla Walla. It also includes A.B.and Lee Roberts’ personal notebooks and sketchbooks, genealogical materials about the Roberts family and its descendants, and personal correspondence. These photographs are a selection from the overall collection.

13 items

Roberts Family Papers

These collections include student works created in the context of Whitman classes or research experiences, selected Whitman College course materials including syllabi and student projects, and open access faculty scholarship.

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Scholarship and Creative Works

The collection consists of the correspondence, journals, manuscripts, speeches and sermons of Henry Harmon Spalding. The collection also contains the writings of his wives, Eliza Hart Spalding and Rachel J. Smith Spalding. These items are a selection from the overall collection.

47 items

Spalding Family Collection

The Stephen B.L. Penrose Jr. Papers chiefly contains the correspondence of Stephen B.L. Penrose, Jr., depicting his presidency of the American University in Beirut, Lebanon, from 1948-1954, his involvement with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), his work with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and his views on and advocacy for Palestinian statehood and Palestinian refugees. These materials represent a selection from the overall collection.

9 items

Stephen B.L. Penrose Jr. Papers

The collection contains the program for the weekend long event and also a collection of the speeches delivered during the commemoration. The Correspondence file consists primarily of invitations to and responses from dignitaries invited to attend the event.The publicity file provide information about the dissemination of information about the event and its reception.These documents are a selection of the overall collection.

3 items

Stevens Treaty Council of 1855 Centennial Collection

Search and browse Whitman’s official student-run newspaper covering campus news, sports, arts, special events, and more. The newspaper was called the Pioneer from 1896-2016 and the Wire beginning in 2016.

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Student Newspapers

The Switzer Collection consists of the invoices, business records, correspondence, fraternal organization materials, civic organization information and public office and election records of pioneer Angus McKay. Homestead certificates, deeds and a journal containing the minutes from meetings of the Russell Creek Farm Bureau and associated documents are included in the collection. These photographs are a selection from the overall collection.

4 items

Switzer Collection

The Narrator was an independent newspaper created by Whitman college students.

9 items

The Narrator

The Whitman College Pioneer was a student-run newspaper that covered campus news, sports, arts, special events, and more. The Pioneer was published weekly during the academic year from 1896-2016. In 2016, the name of the paper was changed to the Whitman Wire.

3187 items

The Whitman College Pioneer

This collection contains promotional material for the city of Walla Walla such as Up to the Times magazine,and the Walla Walla Souvenir book. The Walla Walla City Directories are also included and they provide information on businesses and residents from their respective years. These documents are a selection of the overall collection.

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Walla Walla and Northwest Publications

The Walla Walla arts ephemera collection contains programs for art shows, theater productions, and musical recitals. Additionally, it has commencement programs for Walla Walla High School, comics, schedules for events, catalogues of paintings, songbooks, newsletters, and promotional materials about the Walla Walla air show. The collection's materials date from 1890 to 1994. These publications are a selection of the overall collection

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Walla Walla Arts Ephemera Collection