The marriage of thought and action : a study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Author of his own <i>Auctoritas</i> : the intersection of education, episcopate, ecclesiology and martyrdom in Cyprian of Carthage
Syncretism in the study of Quanzhen Taoism : from essence to argument
One big cemetary : Jewish history and memory in the comics of Rutu Modan
"The authority of my servants" : authority in the early Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
"Show me how to see things the way you do" : existentialism in faith, philosophy, and film
The man in Mr. Jones : exorcising misunderstandings of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple
When (that) secularism meets (our) memory politics : repression and representation at Whitman College
"Muslim, period. American, period" : millennial Muslim identities in the contemporary United States
Cosmology as counternarrative : identity creation in the Nation of Islam’s <i>Muhammad Speaks</i>
Spaces of untouchability : investigating the space between Catholic sexual ethics and the Catholic sexual abuse crisis
The Devil in the American horror film : a study on the interfacing of religion, myth, and film
The discourse about the phenomenon of mass Islamic conversion as a quasi-religion of the American incarceration complex
The culture of preservation and its impact on Hmong funerals
The "I” of Hurricane Katrina : self-preservation in U.S. disaster policy