The mortal gambit
The negotiation inside : historical upheaval and domestic space
The orbital angular momentum of light
The politics of recognition in Palestine : a Fanonian analysis
The power of presence : Marina Abramović’s <i>The Artist Is Present</i> (2010) as an invitation to dwell in public feeling
The pretty project : exploring the mechanisms through which girls learn about prettiness from their mothers
The price of the punch line : analyzing ethnic humor’s ability to change racial understandings on <i>The Goldbergs</i>
The race narrative in basketball : exposed by the 2014 NBA draft
The radical "eco-terrorist" animal rights movement : conflicting frames of the Animal Liberation Front
The radical maternal : reinterpretation of motherhood in the work of Romantic period women writers
The red giant branch BVI luminosity function of M15
The relation between bilingual education and children's intergroup attitudes
The relationship between triarchic factors of psychopathy and substance use, internalizing psychopathology, and suicidality
The right to return : human rights discourses, treaty organizations, and Hurricane Katrina
The role of a hermeneutics of contrapuntality in resisting resolutions of hybridity
The role of dichotomous thinking in changes to self-concept following cognitive dissonance
The role of halogen substituents and substrate pKa̳ in defining the substrate specificity of 2,6-dichlorohydroquinone-1,2-dioxygenase (PcpA)
The role of high-fructose and high-fat exposures in the pathogenesis and progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
The role of kinship, cultural transmission, and independent innovation in humpback whale (<i>Megaptera novaeangliae</i>) predation on hatchery-released salmon in Southeast Alaska