Walking in the spirit of history : John Lewis' March, historical witnessing, and the resources of collective memory
The power of presence : Marina Abramović’s  The Artist Is Present (2010) as an invitation to dwell in public feeling
Engaging Ferguson : an affective exploration of uncivil disobedience
Fracturing fantasy : liberal communism, consumption, and identity in the "Get a Mac" campaign
Whiteness at Whitman : a discursive study
A generic perspective on Trump's inaugural address
Whitman College as a Dispositif in excess : living higher education from disciplinarity to post-disciplinarity
A single narrative : obscuring difference in the Guardian campaign against female genital cutting
Conditions of possibility : racialized reporting in the New York Times
“This is not a legal proceeding" : deconstructing the new Title IX
Reimagining what never was : the welfare queen, PRWORA, and a new legacy of racism
Why wouldn’t you just say that? : self-silencing and negation as strategies of the null persona in battered women’s narratives
Drone melancholia
A case of miscommunication : the U.S.’s polyvalent and polysemic political myth in its advocacy against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law
Black Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders, and resistive rhetoric on the electoral stage
When time and self unhinge : tracing the rhetorical markers of solitary confinement
Welfare in the 2012 election : neoliberalism and the ideograph of opportunity
We are Anonymous : anonymity, ethics, and the power of subversion
“Rude Noises” : Homocore, unsettling the symbolic, and enjoying abjection