<i>Kangaroo</i> : an examination of Japanese theatre in the 1960s and a translation
Developing a novel animal model for the study of Parkinson's disease : focusing on the early loss of noradrenergic neurons
"Invisible" disabilities : identity management and well-being in college students
Variations in the soil properties of the premier vineyards of the Columbia Basin : implications for terroir
Unraveling the complex roles of genes in the <i>PIRL</i> family on <i>Arabidopsis</i> pollen development
Optimization of peptidyl allyl sulfones as clan CA cysteine protease inhibitors
The red giant branch BVI luminosity function of M15
Attention delays in infants in poverty : a longitudinal study
Twelve Moons : a seasonal round for the new west
"Victories and coronations" : cultural nationalism and the sacred music of Giuseppe Verdi
Optimization and imaging analysis of carbohydrate microarrays
Role of sirtuin genes in longevity
Kissing cousins : interaction and interbreeding between Neandertals and modern humans
Cracking up : lithological controls on non-tectonic rock cracks, Mojave Desert, California
The role of dichotomous thinking in changes to self-concept following cognitive dissonance
The killing project : increasing the efficiency of cytotoxic T lymphocyte in killing cytomegalovirus-infected cells in an <i>in vitro</i> setting
Eisenhower's nuclear policy toward China during the first Quemoy and Matsu crisis, September 1954-April 1955
Against the experts : Harry S. Truman, David K. Niles, and the birth of the State of Israel, 1945-1948
Sedimentology and age constraints of Pleistocene outburst flood-related deposits in the Palouse Hills, southeastern Washington
Beyond the fog : noir, genre play and social critique in the novels of Robert Coover, Megan Abbott, Thomas Pynchon and Mat Johnson