For the past, for the future : NAGPRA, repatriation, and the Native American-archaeologist relationship
"He's not here, so hopefully <i>He</i> is" : the function of religion as a coping mechanism for prison wives and girlfriends
Alcohol and the power of suggestion : their interactive effects on the insight phase of creative problem solving
Engineering the Soviet artist's soul
Awareness of implicit bias : what motivates behavior change?
Queering Quito : the use of art-action to open space for the LGBTI community in Ecuador
"Choice" in the globalized sex market : a comparative analysis of decision-making in global sex worker communities
Mummy dearest : questions of identity in modern and ancient Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
Contaminated community : identity and activism in Libby, Montana
Let's talk about feelings : emotional intelligence and aggression predict juvenile offense
The testing effect and recall : exploring the role of attention in long-term retention
Speaking for the trees : eco-literacy in public schools
Perfecting the Voting Rights Act : protecting the suffrage of all citizens
Fear and the coming plague : what American media tell us about infectious disease
Incarceration for nonpayment in superior court : an analysis of justice and its discontents
Organic food consumption and social class : an exploration of food culture at Whitman College
Imagining Eastern European postcoloniality
Dyslexia and thalamus volume : an evaluation of the theories of dyslexia
Recognizing a stalemate : Clark Clifford and the changing of American policy in Vietnam, 1965-1968
Garden of Eden or Apocalypse Now? : an exploration of dystopic texts, modern day fears, and the impending future