"The people with burned faces" : Greco-Roman anti-black racism and its modern effects
Pandora's box : the Nixon Administration and Bolivia, 1969-1972
"Morally wrong and politically unacceptable" : Ronald Reagan and constructive engagement, 1981-1988
Simulacra and simulation : subverting colonial authority on the "real" oriental subject
Aspects of value : an investigation of Washington state water governance
Closing the gap : the impact of parental warmth on children's social competence
"Distaste for the violent doves" : the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson and the antiwar movement
No Surrender : Bruce Springsteen and the American dream
A formula for failure : the Reagan administration's foreign policy with El Salvador and Nicaragua
Novel Ptolemaic naval power : Arsinoë II, Ptolemy II, and Cleopatra VII’s innovative thalassocracies
Suppressing anti-capitalism : pro-environmental behavior and conformity in the face of crisis
Islands of peace : how individuals, families, and communities sought to survive the Liberian Civil War
The sociality of Lyme disease : an actor-network-theory approach to my disease and its implications
Subsistence is greater than sustenance : developing a framework to interpret the continued colonization of Alaska Natives
Naturalizing whiteness : the politics of landscape at Whitman College
Speaking of trauma...
Endowments and the elite : a political economic study of the Whitman endowment
A nation of immigrants : DACA, migrant precarity, and the national imagination
Mirror mirror on the wall : reflecting surveillance studies