Modifications of movement : life in Hegel's <i>Phenomenology of Spirit</i>
Few-body bound states of dark matter
Grain size distribution analysis of soils, tephras, and culturally-modified sediments record prehistoric human resilience to geologic processes in the Islands of Four Mountains, AK
Petal anthocyanin evolution by <i>R2R3 MYBs</i> in <i>Mimulus cupreus</i> and <i>Mimulus luteus</i> var. <i>variegatus</i>
PnpC1C2, a type II hydroquinone dioxygenase
Dates and rates : an examination of hillslope sediment ages and the rates of controlling geomorphic processes using cosmogenic nuclides
Developing a series of hydroquinone ring-cleaving dioxygenase model complexes
An investigation of ring-cleaving dioxygenase PcpA homologs and spectroscopic studies of the active site of PcpA
The influence of climate on hillslope development in arid regions : an examination of eolian accumulation and pedogenesis
Synthesis and evaluation of peptidic epoxyketone inhibitors targeting the human 20S proteasome
Specificity of pollen collection and consumption by solitary bees oligolectic to <i>Helianthus annuus</i> L.
Vegetative and lithologic response to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Hanna Basin, Wyoming