Novel Ptolemaic naval power : Arsinoë II, Ptolemy II, and Cleopatra VII’s innovative thalassocracies
Suppressing anti-capitalism : pro-environmental behavior and conformity in the face of crisis
Islands of peace : how individuals, families, and communities sought to survive the Liberian Civil War
Senior piano recital
The sociality of Lyme disease : an actor-network-theory approach to my disease and its implications
Subsistence is greater than sustenance : developing a framework to interpret the continued colonization of Alaska Natives
Naturalizing whiteness : the politics of landscape at Whitman College
Speaking of trauma...
Endowments and the elite : a political economic study of the Whitman endowment
Distinct cellular functional profiles in pan-cancer expression analysis of cancers with alterations in oncogenes <i>c-MYC </i>and <i>n-MYC</i>
La Grande Guerre et les rapports franco-américains : un regard épistolaire
A nation of immigrants : DACA, migrant precarity, and the national imagination
Senior jazz recital : the music of Herbie Hancock
Mirror mirror on the wall : reflecting surveillance studies
Temporal geophysical investigation of J-hook induced changes to the hyporheic zone in a fine-grained streambed
Now you see me, now you don't : gender performativity and blindness among college-aged individuals
Decolonizing discourses : the First Foods of the Columbia Basin
Alienation, uncertainty, and the waters of change : <i>the Water-sprite in early nineteenth-century Germany</i>
Lead concentrations in city of Walla Walla households : a survey