Decolonizing discourses : the First Foods of the Columbia Basin
Behind the stigma : stereotypes and reactions towards children and adults with down syndrome
Recultivating culture : an analysis of culture as a site of ideology
The effect of mindfulness on reappraisal, attentional control, and hostile attribution bias
"I'm not racist!" : white fragility and mindset theories of racial bias
<i>Becoming Malay</i> : a sociological examination of religion in Malaysia
Parental behaviors as a function of perception
Black flags on the horizon : reconceptualizing abnormality in the Middle East
Understanding "fit" at Whitman College : the role of race and class in crafting Whitman’s student body
The Racial Contract : a critical, contextual examination of <i>Fisher v. Texas II</i> and its impact on continued educational inequality
Tension within the local food movement : how local food systems ensure the health of both the community and the individual
The unruly place and the unruly person : safe injection sites as pollution in Seattle’s backyard
What does it mean to be American? : the importance of memory in Japanese American political activism
Effects of mental health factors on young adult substance use
A content analysis of the National Park Service's social media presence : the representation and construction of America's Best Idea
Hypothetical assault : why Whitman male bodied victims of assault may not be reporting
Paranoia and pleasure : from 'real food' to 'real politics'
How did we get here? : precursors to modern day American conservatism
Senegalese Qur'anic schools and international NGOs : an exploration of human rights and cultural relativism


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