Parenthood and identity after the neonatal intensive care unit : experiences in parenting a NICU graduate
Petal anthocyanin evolution by <i>R2R3 MYBs</i> in <i>Mimulus cupreus</i> and <i>Mimulus luteus</i> var. <i>variegatus</i>
PnpC1C2, a type II hydroquinone dioxygenase
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Dear Neil
Developing a series of hydroquinone ring-cleaving dioxygenase model complexes
Entre <i>Les Hauts de Hurle-Vent</i> et <i>La Migration des Coeurs</i> : la féminité Créolisée chez Maryse Condé
Environmentalism on vacation : place attachment, identity, and pro-environmental behavior in a Coloradan ski resort town
An investigation of ring-cleaving dioxygenase PcpA homologs and spectroscopic studies of the active site of PcpA
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The female genital cutting controversy and the rhetorical implications of ‘culture’ : a review of campaigns against the practice