<i>Evocatio</i> : how divine importations shaped and reshaped the spaces of Rome
Come follow, come follow
Dislocating disaster : the problem with Ai Weiwei’s earthquake artworks
Valley of fractured quiet
In defense of Socrates’ City of Sows (370b7-372d3) : the pedagogical role of prefiguration in the <i>Republic</i>
Dear Neil
This is your future nostalgia
Refuge : poems
"Unfinished business" : mobility and possibility in Woolf, Rushdie, and Mitchell
Cherry danish in the afternoon
Humorous and comic sympathies in modern literary works
Perspectives of the dominated : the Ariadne myth in Catullus 64 and <i>Ars Amatoria</i>
I see beautiful things : essays
Remedy, poems
Kansas City plays itself : criminality, cultural memory, and urban space
The ultimate ride : <i>Point Break</i>, surfing cinema, and masculine transcendence


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