Portrait of Levi Ankeny
Portrait of Norman Butler
Viola Forrest in costume as Narcissa Whitman for the production "Wagons West"
Mill Creek overflowing during the 1931 Flood
Portrait of Winifred Dunphy
Wilburg Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church
Walla Walla County Jail
Portrait of Alice Fischer
Somindyke (Seil) Building
Portrait of Charles Besserer;Storefronts
Chris Revas' Cinderella Shoe Shine Parlor
Ringhoffer Saddle Tree Shop
Mrs. Roger's Boarding House
John J. Spencer's Real Estate Office
St. Louis Hotel
St. Mary's Hospital on fire
St. Mary's Hospital
Schwabacher Brothers Store
W. L. Van De Water Grocery
Walla Walla Fish Hatchery