Schumacher and Dooley buildings
Ben Hunt's Blacksmith and Wagon Shop
Three men outside Barrett Shoe Store
Charles E. Nye Harness and Saddle store
Schumacher building
Schwabacher Brothers Store
Schwarz's Saloon
Steam Laundry
Rees, Winans and Company and Stearns, Barnett and Company
Barer's Eastern Hide, Wool and Junk House
Pioneer Drug Store and M.B. Dolan Boots and Shoes
Somindyke (Seil) Building
William O'Donnell Stove and Hardware Store
Kimball and Son Music Store
Snyder-Crecelius Paper Company
Jackson's Sport Shop with deer carcasses
Bowman Brothers Plumbers
Rees, Winans and Company
Rees, Winans and Company storefront
Tallman's Drugs