Adlai Stevenson in Pendleton, Oregon during presidential campaign
Bennington Lake
Penrose Library under construction
Logan Chevrolet and Cadillac dealership
Penrose Library circulation desk
F.W. Woolworth Store
Table Supply grocery store
Fred Meyer Store at the Blue Mountain Mall
Ed Selby standing in front of The Oasis restaurant
Penrose Library under construction
Pastime Cafe
Dial telephones arrive in Walla Walla at the house of Mrs. Ella M. Taylor
Daughter of the Pioneers of Washington in historic costume
Primo Carnera with Vince Hanson and Dick Owsley
People playing tennis at the Bratton Tennis Center
Veterans Memorial Pool
Shirley Temple Black campaigning for Richard Nixon
Bill Gulick and Nard Jones sitting on a couch
Stevens Treaty Centennial
Baker School