A List of Things People Have Told Me to Do that I Haven’t Done by Dana Walden
A collage of three different moons in Walla Walla and Houston, Texas
An abandoned bicycle on campus
Bingo cards created by student groups
COVID-19 and the grief process blog post by Janet David
Canvas announcement after first day of Encounters asynchronous online discussion
Climate strike at home
Coronavirus Amazon ABC
Distintimacy cellophane sculpture
Downtown Walla Walla Macy's
Email about moving during the pandemic
Empty Stanton Hall
Empty highway and sunset from Borleske Stadium
Empty toilet paper, milk, and egg shelves at Walmart
Faded chalk message that says "Taxation is Theft"
Framed Subversive Cross Stitch project
Grading in the Time of a Pandemic by Shampa Biswas
Hugging in a pandemic
Instructions for raises for SSRA 338 Improvised Rock Rescue Systems