Commencement procession from Memorial Building, 1903
Whitman Debate Team, 1907
Pearsons Academy Class of 1898
Large group picnic
Students in the Class of 1899
Whitman College Normal School Class of 1891
Group portrait of seven students
Whitman Debate Team, 1903
Whitman Debate Team, 1904
Pearsons Academy Men's Track Team, 1904
Pearsons Academy Class of 1900
Pearsons Academy Class of 1903
Students in the Class of 1899
Whitman Baseball Team, 1906
Whitman Baseball Team, 1910
Whitman Football Team, 1902
Men's Glee Club, 1899-1900
Men's Glee Club, 1901
Men's Glee Club, 1905
Men's Glee Club, 1910