Whitman Tennis Team, 1953
President Taft at Whitman, 1911
Men's Glee Club, 1913-1914
Women's Glee Club, 1913-1914
Whitman Football Team, 1931
Whitman Women's Tennis Team, 1934
Whitman Track Team, 1933
Women's Sextette, 1935
Waiilatpu Staff, 1930-1931
Students at Lakum Duckum
Students discussing speech in a classroom
Phi Beta Kappa inductees, 1954
Dance class
Geology student classifying rocks
Alpha Phi in the 1948 All-College Revue
ASWC Officers, 1947
Whitman Baseball Team, 1946
May Fete Court, 1949
Swing Octet, 1949
Back to Marc Day, 1953