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Alice in Wonderland

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Presented by the Health Center, for the benefit of its Children's Loan Fund Cast (composed of members of the class in play production): William Galbraith (Lewis Carroll, Mad Hatter); Peggy Baker (Alice); Nancy Northup (Red Queen); Ruth Baker (White Queen); Marien LeFevre (White Rabbitt); Mildred Ebrel (Humpty Dumpty); Jean Lovell (Gryphon); Edna Lester (Mock Turtle); Irmal Kinnison (March Hare); Marcelle Wynne (Dormouse, Caterpillar); Ethel Harding (Frog Footman); Hortense Kay (Duchess); Helen Brown (Cheshire Cat); Anita Boley (Tweedle Dum); Joyce Nye (Tweedle Dee); Beatrice Becker (King of Hearts); Beatrice Irving (Queen of Hearts); Maxine Atkin (Knave of Hearts); Marian Torkelson (Lion, Tiger Lily); Margaret Burr (Unicorn); Carol Seeds (Rose); Catherine Ginn (Two Spot); Olive Cornwell (Five Spot); Betty Cameron (Seven Spot); Dancers: Vivian Cochran (Dream Fairy Dance), Marian LeFevre (Rabbit Dance), Jean Lovell (Gryphon), Edna Lester (Mock Turtle), Edetha Hartwig (Frog), Gertrude Hanger (Lobster), Karen Falkenberg (Seal), Alice Henneberger (Fish), Lois Brakemeyer (Caterpillar) The costumes are copied from the illustrations by John Tenniel. Seventeem of them have been made by the members of the class and the ladies of the Health Center. Ruth Baker and Carol Seeds drew the designs for the costumes of the court. Several of the animal costumes are from the private collection of William C. Darling, made by him for a production given by the Mountaineer's Club of Seattle. The others are from the Brocklinde Costume Shop, Seattle.

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Alice Gerstenberg, adapted from Lewis Carroll


Mrs. W. R. Davis

Set Design

Betty Cameron

Costume Design

copied from illustrations by John Tenniel

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Ruth Baker, Peggy Baker, Nancy Northrup

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