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Presented May 5, 6, 10, 12, 13, 14, 25-27, 1961, at Whitman Theatre, 20 South Penrose. From the program: "The plot of Popoff is the authors' own, woven around the four Checkhov farces which were chosen for their hilarity, their musical-comedy tempo and their unique wit. [. . .] The Marriage Proposal, The Celebration, The Wedding, and The Boar. Various motifs were taken from his one-act monologue, The Harmfulness of Tobacco." Newspaper clipping: "Whitman Musical Eyes Off-Broadway"--"Three Spokane students are performing in the Whitman Theater production of 'Popoff,' which is proving such a hit on the Walla Walla campus that plans are under way to give it an off-Broadway showing." Cast: Dale Kilpatrick (Natalia Stepanovna); David Coxwell (Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov); Marilyn Alexander (Tatiana Fiordovna Popoff); Rod Alexander (Stefan Stepanovitch Popoff); Linda Wellsandt (Grishkin); Michael Leibert (Andrey Andreyvitch Shipoochin); Duane Stokke (Nyunin); Nancy Simon (Gerta); Maurice Weir (Yat); Ellie O'Shea (Marfa); Lucy Caswell (Katrina); Cora Enman (Sonya); Steve Inmer (Dasha); Bill Latta (Antip); Neil Buren (Osip); Truman Cotten (Dimba); Douglas Sell (Aplombov); John Sutherland (Petr); Doug Crowell (Leonid); Larry Davidson (Simyon); Allen Legge (Vaska); Peggy McGown (Dashenka); Pat Borg (Anya); Mary Strumpf (Mastya); Marcy Wilson (Anyutka) Musical Director: David Burge; Second Pianist: Thomas Cleman; Production Staged by: Margaret Keiter; Asst.: Beverly Bixby; Choreography and pantomime sketches: William O. Douglas, Jr.; Hand puppets: Mrs. Richard J. Rasmussen; Costume Design Supervision and Construction: Arlene DuMond; Electrician: Bob Heglund; Assts.: Linnea Pack, Alec McKay; Costume Mistresses: Lucy Caswell, Linda Miller; Set and Costume Construction: Theatre Company, Play Production Class, Mrs. Burge, and Mrs. Rasmussen; Stage Management Assts.: John Riskin, Larry Chitwood, Terry Kneebone, Dave Demorest, Joel Moore; House Manager: Rod Price Faculty: Director: Rod Alexander; Asst. Director: Arlene DuMond; Asst. in Drama, Instructor in Mime: William O. Douglas, Jr.; Theatre Secretary: Connie Anderson; Theatre Custodian: Eugene Bradford

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Book: Rod Alexander and Nagle Jackson; Lyrics: Nagle Jackson; Music: David Burge

Set Design

Richard J. Rasmussen

Costume Design

Beverly Bixby, Margaret Keiter

Props Design

Eva Durkee, Evelyn Ayers, Mrs. David Burge

Stage Manager

Walter Highberg

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