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Anything Goes

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Cast: Cecily Overman (Reno Sweeney), Cy Eaton (Billy Crocker), Michael Austin (Moonface), Ellen Whitlock (Bonnie), Kate Moscato (Hope), Curt Roberts (Sir Evelyn), Eliza Sulzbacher (Mrs. Harcourt), Josh Butchart (Whitney), Hollis Erikson (Bishop), Rick Chatham (Steward), Jeffrey Ridlington (Purser), Jason Rankin (Captain); Angie Bevill, Megan Carter, Lara Clark, Lorien Reid (The Angels); Michella Lind (Ching), Phillip Kopczynski (Ling), Bryan Reichert (The Reporter), Aaron Blank (The Cameraman); Anne Ashby, Katie Cabot, Jacob Crouch, Meghan Daaboul, Layla Dudley, Sara Edwards, Hannah Goalstone, Alexandra Hart, Brenna Holcomb, Sayra Miller, Chrissy Rufalo, Kathleen Schlemmer, Jolie Swenson, Emily Walsh, Amy White (Sailors & Passengers) Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter Musical Director: Edward Dixon; Vocal Director: Jennifer L. Walsh; Choral Director: James Ramsey Stage Manager: Shawn Lamont; Asst. Stage Manager: Lezlie Cross; Asst. Costume Design: Anna Mains; Properties: Raj Patra; Choreographers: Angie Bevill, Lorien Reid; Light Board Operator: Jessica Eilertson; Follow Spot Operators: Raj Patra, Blake Duckworth; Rehearsal Pianist: Ethan Wagner; Running Crew: Jen Anaya, Issac Kamola, Jaimes Valdez, Doug Woodbury Faculty: Thomas G. Hines, Deborah Holmes, Barbara Stone, Parke Thomas, Alan McEwen, Cheryl Wagaman House Staff: Romy Ruukel, Melinda Kahre, Elizabeth Bugbee, Cecily Overman, Suzy Oversvee, Carrie Pedersen; Electricians/Sound Technicians: Aaron Blank, James Craske, Cy Eaton, Sonja Peterson, Jamie Powell-Herbold; Costume Shop: Wendy Blake, Sarah Hibert, Brenna Holcomb, Jen Jones, Anna Mains, Julie Miller, Cecily Overman; Shop Crew: Mary Kate Anderson, Lezlie Cross, Jacob Crouch, Ardeth Kiraly, Sarah Koenigsberg, Shawn Lamont, Michella Lind, Matt Robins, Trevor Storch, Eliza Sulzbacher, Ellen Whitlock; Publicity: Aaron Blank, Taha Ebrahimi, Tiffany Meyers, Sonja Petersen; Photographer: Ryan Flood

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Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay, Russell Crouse


Parke Thomas

Set Design

L. K. Strasburg

Costume Design

Barbara Stone

Lighting Design

Alan McEwen

Tech Director

Alan McEwen

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Cecily Overman, Lorien Reid, Megan Carter, Lara Clark, Angie Bevill

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