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16, pregnant, and keeping it : investigating the implications of the discourse of prevention
A photographic "reorientation" : Tim Hetherington and visual records of contemporary global conflict
Precision guided democracy : the American war on terror from catch and release to kill and capture
Neoliberal privatization and intentional community houses in Minneapolis
Allyship in social justice : definitions, practice, and use
The use of linear algebra in modeling the probabilities of predicted future occurrences
When mirrors become windows and screens open up
In defense of Socrates’ City of Sows (370b7-372d3) : the pedagogical role of prefiguration in the Republic
Senior voice recital : David Fleming
Fear and the coming plague : what American media tell us about infectious disease
Survey model-assisted estimation with the lasso
The mortal gambit
Automated sketch translation for the live video manipulation tool
Imagining Eastern European postcoloniality
Elfrida Andrée : String Quartet in D minor and Andante Quasi Recitativo for string orchestra
Come follow, come follow
Le sujet enchainé : le sujet absurde, psychanalytique, et littéraire chez Albert Camus et Jacques Lacan
The discourse about the phenomenon of mass Islamic conversion as a quasi-religion of the American incarceration complex
fault | lines : a sonic collection
2-point centroidal Voronoi tessellations