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Tidal restriction and salt marsh drainage in the Herring River estuary : chemical and biological consequences
Priority of life : U.S. response to atrocities in East Asia during World War II
The role of halogen substituents and substrate pKa in defining the substrate specificity of 2,6-dichlorohydroquinone-1,2-dioxygenase (PcpA)
Grain size distribution analysis of soils, tephras, and culturally-modified sediments record prehistoric human resilience to geologic processes in the Islands of Four Mountains, AK
Acoustic panopticism : gender, space, and sound in the early modern Ottoman sultanate
An investigation of ring-cleaving dioxygenase PcpA homologs and spectroscopic studies of the active site of PcpA
Developing a series of hydroquinone ring-cleaving dioxygenase model complexes
PnpC1C2, a type II hydroquinone dioxygenase
Synthesis and evaluation of peptidic epoxyketone inhibitors targeting the human 20S proteasome
Facies analysis and sedimentology of the Cretaceous Nanushuk formation at Slope Mountain, Alaska
Becoming Yonsei
The relation between bilingual education and children's intergroup attitudes
Walking in the spirit of history : John Lewis' March, historical witnessing, and the resources of collective memory
The third work : a critical rewriting of André Bazin
The effects of masculinity threats on perceptions of physical aggression
Weaponized empathy : encountering the Other on the page
What makes an action? : a confluence in practical thought
From riches to rags : the sociology of thrift shopping among college students
Justice for felons and families : organizing against criminalization using Operation Streamline
Now you see me, now you don't : gender performativity and blindness among college-aged individuals