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Korean Stoneware Bowl
Thai Sawankhalok Jar
Korean Porcelain Bowl
Lung-Ch'uan Jarlet
Korean Shallow Bowl
Shallow Porcelain Bowl
Sawankhalok Stoneware Bowl
Wu-Ts'ai Enamel Jar
Edo Setoware Jar
Red Kogo Incense Container
Sawankhalok Stoneware Bowl
Decorated Sawankhalok Stoneware Bowl
Stoneware Saucer
Thai Sawankhalok Jar with Lid
Short Raised Stoneware Cup
Raised Stoneware Cup with Handle
Sawankhalok Stoneware Plate with Scroll Band Cavetto
Porcelain Plate with Blue Decoration
Sawankhalok Globular Jar
Sawankhalok Stoneware Bowl