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"Sing Me to Sleep" : a history and analysis of lullabies from around the world
"Taking back the park" : the framing of a contested public space as a social problem
"The authority of my servants" : authority in the early Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
"The people with burned faces" : Greco-Roman anti-black racism and its modern effects
"This is not a legal proceeding" : deconstructing the new Title IX
"Unfinished business" : mobility and possibility in Woolf, Rushdie, and Mitchell
"Victories and coronations" : cultural nationalism and the sacred music of Giuseppe Verdi
"Winning the battle without fighting" : strategic culture and information warfare in the People's Liberation Army of China
#ImWithHer: Predictors of Support for Female Candidates
#MeToo, Mommy : cultural reproduction through parental mediation of sexual knowledge and media consumption
'Night, Mother - 1985-1986
'Night, Mother - 1985-1986
(The Whitman Sub at 11:00 A.M.)
.../"Saturday Night in Jail"/ Mermaids/ "9th Thesis on the Philosophy of History"/ Outside, Over There/ "Nobody"/ Walla Walla Burrito/ Untitled/...
1000 facts about the famous Willamette Valley of Oregon
16, pregnant, and keeping it : investigating the implications of the discourse of prevention
1884 Diary
1885 Diary
1889 Diary
1890 Dairy