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Queered time on the page : the micro-level revolution of the bishōnen in 21st century Yaoi manga
Unsettled solidarity : decolonizing indigenous/non-indigenous coalitions
Malleability of political attitudes regarding the 2016 presidential election
A single narrative : obscuring difference in the Guardian campaign against female genital cutting
The contact mediated role of astrocytes in dendritic growth and development
Microwave promoted iodination of anionic borate and carborate clusters
Garden of Eden or Apocalypse Now? : an exploration of dystopic texts, modern day fears, and the impending future
Queer youth in a liberal society : the FAIR Education Act and beyond
For the past, for the future : NAGPRA, repatriation, and the Native American-archaeologist relationship
Couchsurfing as a means to refashion modernity : hospitality, nostalgia, and authenticity in an online/offline community
Closing the youth-nature divide : perceived effects of place-based environmental education
Mummy dearest : questions of identity in modern and ancient Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
Weaponized empathy : encountering the Other on the page
Neoliberal incarceration : how the modern prison enforces vulnerability and an economy of precarity both inside and out
Optimization of peptidyl allyl sulfones as clan CA cysteine protease inhibitors
Archaeological site stratigraphy as a record of human resilience in the Islands of Four Mountains, Alaska
Social determinants of health care service utilization at the SOS Clinic : examining acculturation
The role of social capital in racial and class health disparities : how health information seeking behaviors impact self-perceived health status