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Kant on the moral considerability of individuals with mental disorders
The future is feminist : an analysis of Black women’s rage in American society through Beyoncé’s Lemonade
When refugees are terrorists : conceptualizing the racial logic of statelessness
Magnetic susceptibility of the Palouse loess as a paleoclimate indicator
A new biocitizen : reclaiming agency through radioactive narratives
Employment status and residential location : the structural disadvantages that challenge the health of low-income Latinos in Walla Walla, WA
Whiteness at Whitman : a discursive study
Fracturing fantasy : liberal communism, consumption, and identity in the "Get a Mac" campaign
Engaging Ferguson : an affective exploration of uncivil disobedience
The effect of motivational and instructional self-talk on precision and endurance performance tasks
The impact of motivation on selective attention as mediated by consciousness of goals
The tritone paradox and the Simon effect : a study of pitch perception
Senior jazz recital : the music of Cannonball Adderley
Senior voice recital
Donald Trump and the denial machine : institutionalizing the U.S. Climate Change Countermovement
Framing the grievable/ungrievable American citizen : visual representations on behalf of Katrina event survivors
Heavy metal concentrations and environmental quality in three Wisconsin lakes
Becoming Yonsei
Revolting bodies : abjection and the monstrous feminine in The Witch
The Whitman legend : the intertwining of history and memorial in the narrative of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman