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The race narrative in basketball : exposed by the 2014 NBA draft
Revocation of token status : the day O.J. Simpson 'turned' Black
Whitman College as a dispositif in excess : living higher education from disciplinarity to post-disciplinarity
The fantasies of organ transfer : an ideological analysis of pro-organ donation advertisements, "Everyone Has Something Good" and "The World’s Biggest Asshole"
Walking in the spirit of history : John Lewis' March, historical witnessing, and the resources of collective memory
Crafting a sticky queer form : a corporeal rhetorical resistance to the pathologization of trans*bodies
Reimagining what never was : the Welfare Queen, PRWORA, and a new legacy of racism
Welfare in the 2012 election : neoliberalism and the ideograph of opportunity
We are Anonymous : anonymity, ethics, and the power of subversion
Arendt’s aspirational constitutions : toward a supplemental framework of judgement through ethical subjection
"Rude Noises" : Homocore, unsettling the symbolic, and enjoying abjection
Conditions of possibility : racialized reporting in the New York Times
Slacktivists changing political reality : internet activism and intelligible politics in the Millennial Generation
"This is not a legal proceeding" : deconstructing the new Title IX
Rhetoric and "race traitors" : reading Charles Mills' The Racial Contract as Afro-modern political thought
"A Spectacle of Infinite Sadness" : decoloniality, affect, and postwar Japanese calligraphy


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