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Quantity and quality control of RNA isolated from foreskin, rectum, and colon samples from HIV Vaccine Trials Network 941 Trial
The orbital angular momentum of light
Reactive transport modeling of depth to pedogenic carbonate in semi-arid silt loam soils of southeast Washington
Xenon-129 NMR and surface tension of aqueous micelle solutions
Determining radial profiles for prestellar cores detected with Herschel
Effects of golf course fungicide applications on beneficial soil biota
Synthesis and characterization of peptide macrocycles as novel, bimodal proteasome inhibitors
Spectroscopic characteristics of erbium-doped fullerenes
Accelerating ring-polymer Molecular Dynamics using hyperdynamics
Effects of riparian revegetation on stream temperature in the Walla Walla basin
Lead concentrations in city of Walla Walla households : a survey
Sourcing prehistoric obsidian artifacts in the Island of Four Mountains, Alaska
Use of CYCLAM to probe the influence of surfaces on ligand exchange
Analyzing the antibody against H-Y antigen in hematopoietic cell transplant patients
Microwave-assisted metal-catalyzed reactions of halogenated carboranes
Origin and morphology of sinuous channels on the southwest rift apron of Ascraeus Mons and the surrounding plains, Tharsis, Mars
An inventory of the herpetofauna of the Middlefork Farm Nature Preserve in Lake Forest, Illinois
Photometry and isochrone fitting of NSG 6712
Identification of potential small-molecule cancer drugs in E3 ubiquitin ligase systems