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Synthesis and characterization of peptide macrocycles as novel, bimodal proteasome inhibitors
Enzymes for applications in bioremedation : a site-directed mutagenesis study of second coordination sphere residues in PcpA
Effects of golf course fungicide applications on beneficial soil biota
Trace metal substitution in and release from jarosite
Comparative lipid class analysis of fall and spring Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi)
Variations in the soil properties of the premier vineyards of the Columbia Basin : implications for terroir
Spectroscopic characteristics of erbium-doped fullerenes
RNA interference knock-down suggests that PIRL6 functions in the male gametophyte of Arabidopsis thaliana
Role of sirtuin genes in longevity
Effects of habitat modification on Elseya stirlingi turtle populations in the North Johnstone River
Influence of Lewis base identity on rates of multidentate ligand exchange
The red giant branch BVI luminosity function of M15
Developing a novel animal model for the study of Parkinson's disease : focusing on the early loss of noradrenergic neurons
New reactions of the CB₁₁H₁₂⁻ cluster for the synthesis of novel liquid crystals
The influence of a metal oxide surface on ligand exchange reactions between strong chelating agents
Magnetic susceptibility of the Palouse loess as a paleoclimate indicator
A study on the synthesis and characterization of ternary semiconductor nanocrystals
Cracking up : lithological controls on non-tectonic rock cracks, Mojave Desert, California
Use of CYCLAM to probe the influence of surfaces on ligand exchange
Optimization and imaging analysis of carbohydrate microarrays