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Suppressing anti-capitalism : pro-environmental behavior and conformity in the face of crisis
Self-focused attention in depression : a study of ad libitum viewing behavior
Aspects of value : an investigation of Washington state water governance
A content analysis of the National Park Service's social media presence : the representation and construction of America's Best Idea
The right to return : human rights discourses, treaty organizations, and Hurricane Katrina
Malleability of political attitudes regarding the 2016 presidential election
Unsettled solidarity : decolonizing indigenous/non-indigenous coalitions
Behind the stigma : stereotypes and reactions towards children and adults with down syndrome
How did we get here? : precursors to modern day American conservatism
Novel Ptolemaic naval power : Arsinoë II, Ptolemy II, and Cleopatra VII’s innovative thalassocracies
Closing the gap : the impact of parental warmth on children's social competence
“I’m not racist!” : white fragility and mindset theories of racial bias
Creeping towards justice : domestic violence and the sovereign state in asylum law
"The people with burned faces" : Greco-Roman anti-black racism and its modern effects
Allied against discrimination : testing the effect of stigma type on perceptions of high and low-status allies who confront prejudice
The radical “eco-terrorist” animal rights movement : conflicting frames of the Animal Liberation Front
Effects of ethnic identity and national identity on perceived discrimination among Latino adolescents
Affluence and environmentalism : invisibility and injustice in Jackson, Wyoming
The infestation of stigma : an ecological systems approach to the stigmatization of head lice
Making "good" mothers : structural violence, poverty and prison programs for mothers in the United States