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Bleeding us dry : menstruating college students’ perceptions of the cost, environmental and health impacts of menstrual products
Environmental outdoorsyness? : who’s in and who’s out?
Does household income matter? : an examination of an after-school program targeting resilience
Doin' it for the lulz : a contemporary analysis of internet humor
Mind the gap : an essay on gardening politics
Tartan nation? : strategic appropriation and avoidance of symbols of national identity by Scottish independence movement organizations
Understanding non-suicidal self-injury in college populations
Dyslexia and thalamus volume : an evaluation of the theories of dyslexia
Paradoxes of control and development in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Making "good" mothers : structural violence, poverty and prison programs for mothers in the United States
#MeToo, Mommy : cultural reproduction through parental mediation of sexual knowledge and media consumption
Rehumanization as an intervention for disgust-based prejudice : the case of ableism
Corporate profit or public health? : the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate in the context of the neoliberal project
Making space for gay and lesbian children : changing meanings of child protection and sexuality in the United States today
"I'm not racist!" : white fragility and mindset theories of racial bias
Making it stick : navigating the paradox of gender mainstreaming through frictional encounters in South Sudan
Daddy’s little princess : paternal relationships and self-objectification
Managing normality : the public health response to Zika virus