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The female genital cutting controversy and the rhetorical implications of ‘culture’ : a review of campaigns against the practice
Novel Ptolemaic naval power : Arsinoë II, Ptolemy II, and Cleopatra VII’s innovative thalassocracies
Boon and Bane : the paradox of Pre-Pottery Neolithic caprine domestication in the southern Levant
Comparing injury response pathways in regenerative and non-regenerative mammalian tissue to identify the divergence in regenerative potential
Crystallographic workup of the wild type ring cleaving dioxygenase PcpA, and synthesis of associated biomimetic model complexes
A generic perspective on Trump's inaugural address
Valley of fractured quiet
Determining radial profiles for prestellar cores detected with Herschel
An investigation of ring-cleaving dioxygenase PcpA homologs and spectroscopic studies of the active site of PcpA
Xenon-129 NMR and surface tension of aqueous micelle solutions
2-point Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
Senior violin recital
The last laugh : stand-up comedy as postcolonial testimony
Author of his own Auctoritas : the intersection of education, episcopate, ecclesiology and martyrdom in Cyprian of Carthage
One big cemetary : Jewish history and memory in the comics of Rutu Modan
"The authority of my servants" : authority in the early Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Dammed if we do : narratives bound to the Skokomish Valley area
Mindset and stress : abstract and concrete thinking’s effect on coping with situational stress
Cripping survivorship : the state’s treatment of the experience of sexual violence as similar to disability
"Winning the battle without fighting" : strategic culture and information warfare in the People's Liberation Army of China