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Inhibiting γ-secretase in myeloma tumor cells to improve killing by chimeric antigen receptor T cells
The pretty project : exploring the mechanisms through which girls learn about prettiness from their mothers
Part of a complete breakfast : morality, family, and health in children's cereal commercials
The front yard space : a total social phenomenon
Whitman College as a dispositif in excess : living higher education from disciplinarity to post-disciplinarity
The fantasies of organ transfer : an ideological analysis of pro-organ donation advertisements, "Everyone Has Something Good" and "The World’s Biggest Asshole"
Freedom and bondage in Spinoza's Ethics
Meaningful spaces : place and deservingness in Kittitas County's Shady Acres crisis
Don't panic : the undercurrent of consistency in American voting behavior
Representing the political self : the fronts we display and the dissonance we create
Jaw-dropping sculpins : comparative functional morphology and evolution of the Cottoid feeding apparatus
Analyzing the geomorphic parameters of beaver habitat along Panther Brook, New York
Mating system ecology of the American bellflower (Campanula americana)
Making it stick : navigating the paradox of gender mainstreaming through frictional encounters in South Sudan
Senior piano recital
Daddy’s little princess : paternal relationships and self-objectification
Managing normality : the public health response to Zika virus
Compulsory humanity : species, ability, and the trouble with "animal intelligence"
Survivor’s experiences : choosing to report or investigate sexual assault at Whitman College