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Sharing pasts, sharing stories : representations of colonial contact history in three Columbia River Basin museums
Spaces of untouchability : investigating the space between Catholic sexual ethics and the Catholic sexual abuse crisis
Babylon Berlin : Weimar gender crises as modern warning
The “I” of Hurricane Katrina : self-preservation in U.S. disaster policy
The Devil in the American horror film : a study on the interfacing of religion, myth, and film
Die Energiewende and environmental protest : analyzing the regional narrative through fictional literature and film
The culture of preservation and its impact on Hmong funerals
Interpreting Friedrich Fröbel : a forgotten pioneer in early childhood education
Autre distant, autre inhérent : Sartre, Duras, et le rapport à autrui
The art of dwelling in disaster : reading W.G. Sebald's Die Ringe des Saturn as a literary history of capitalism
Captive audiences : prisoners of war and political agendas in Hatufim and Homeland
Compulsory humanity : species, ability, and the trouble with "animal intelligence"
Somatechnic disidentifications of pleasure : toward a postgender politics
Alienation, uncertainty, and the waters of change : the Water-sprite in early nineteenth-century Germany
Cosmology as counternarrative : identity creation in the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad Speaks
Virtual invisibility : representations of "diversity" and "queerness" on LGBTQ political organization websites
The marriage of thought and action : a study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
"Show me how to see things the way you do" : existentialism in faith, philosophy, and film
The price of the punch line : analyzing ethnic humor’s ability to change racial understandings on The Goldbergs