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Thought for food : epistemologies behind local food in the Blue Mountain Region
Unequal alliances : nuancing notions of success in cross-racial and cross-issue coalitions
Care and control in civil immigration detention
Living with harm : the impact of the LEAD program and new strategies of drug intervention in Seattle
The sound in the open
Judged at first sight : the effects of stereotype inconsistency on interracial romantic evaluations
Paranoia and pleasure : from 'real food' to 'real politics'
Alcohol and the power of suggestion : their interactive effects on the insight phase of creative problem solving
Queering Quito : the use of art-action to open space for the LGBTI community in Ecuador
Seniors in rural area’s perspectives on China’s migration policies and their political transmission to the offspring
Recruiting GI Jane : the effects of female soldiers on American military recruitment strategies
Simulacra and simulation : subverting colonial authority on the "real" oriental subject
Psychopathy and online trolling : examining the mediating effect of relationship quality
Reenacting history : revealing fractures in contemporary Nigerian bureaucracy
The role of states in the era of climate change : the implications for the future of environmental law
Building a new world order : "Operation Just Cause" and the construction of a post-Cold War American foreign policy
Becoming Malay : a sociological examination of religion in Malaysia
Environmentalism on vacation : place attachment, identity, and pro-environmental behavior in a Coloradan ski resort town
Negotiation in an era of scarcity : the Anglo and American Indian quest for water
Retriving the lost souls of modernity : a study of neo-shamanic practice