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All that "sancti-mommy bullshit" : unraveling the cultural complexities of "natural" childbirth
Summer surface activity of a sub-surface microhabitat specialist (Ochotona princeps)
Choosing beauty : choice frameworks, beauty practices, and perception of discrimination
The relation between bilingual education and children's intergroup attitudes
Who bears the burden of disease prevention and reproductive control : a content analysis of state health department information on Zika virus
Working memory for musical and verbal material under conditions of irrelevant sound
Expanding the chemistry of the 1-carba-closo-dodecaborate (1-) ion and its cyanated derivatives
Intervention in Libya : resistance and co-option in the emerging hegemony
The infestation of stigma : an ecological systems approach to the stigmatization of head lice
Why wouldn’t you just say that? : self-silencing and negation as strategies of the null persona in battered women’s narratives
Acoustic panopticism : gender, space, and sound in the early modern Ottoman sultanate
Senior violin recital : Ryan Jacobsen
"He's not here, so hopefully He is" : the function of religion as a coping mechanism for prison wives and girlfriends
Unraveling the complex roles of genes in the PIRL family on Arabidopsis pollen development
Let's talk about feelings : emotional intelligence and aggression predict juvenile offense
Understanding "fit" at Whitman College : the role of race and class in crafting Whitman’s student body
Ice-marginal and proglacial fluvial characteristics of a high-arctic glacier, Linnébreen, Svalbard
Responsible benevolence or paternalistic denial? : the George W. Bush administration and aid to Africa
Reconciling the French dilemma : attitudes of the French Millennial generation towards Maghrebi immigration and assimilation in France
A critical examination of United States v. Windsor : rethinking victory, normalcy, and assimilation