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Environmental controls on bioavailable manganese concentrations in soils of the Boulder Creek watershed, Colorado
The orbital angular momentum of light
Origin of the late Eocene Eshamy suite granitoids of western Prince William Sound, Alaska
Valley and moraine morphology as a function of lithology and surficial processes on Tana Volcano, Islands of Four Mountains, AK
Distinct cellular functional profiles in pan-cancer expression analysis of cancers with alterations in oncogenes c-MYC and n-MYC
Origin and morphology of sinuous channels on the southwest rift apron of Ascraeus Mons and the surrounding plains, Tharsis, Mars
Vegetative and lithologic response to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Hanna Basin, Wyoming
Microwave assisted syntheses of CB₁₁⁻ carborane derivatives
Facies analysis and sedimentology of the Cretaceous Nanushuk Formation at Slope Mountain, Alaska
Quantum physics, cryptography, and SPAM tomography
Genetic variation of Hepatitis C Virus p7 protein in chronically infected patient cohort
Jaw-dropping sculpins : comparative functional morphology and evolution of the Cottoid feeding apparatus
Stream erosion and beach deposition during the December 2007 storm, Hood Canal, Washington
Investigating the structural basis of pulmonary vascular stiffening in hypoxia induced pulmonary hypertension through quantitative analysis of collagen and elastin ultrastructure
Analyzing the geomorphic parameters of beaver habitat along Panther Brook, New York
Assessing ungulates’ role in riparian hummocking on three national forests in southern Utah
Quantity and quality control of RNA isolated from foreskin, rectum, and colon samples from HIV Vaccine Trials Network 941 Trial
Mating system ecology of the American bellflower (Campanula americana)
Effects of riparian revegetation on stream temperature in the Walla Walla basin
Nutrient fluxes of a restored salt pond in San Francisco Bay