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Recultivating culture : an analysis of culture as a site of ideology
Stephen B.L. Penrose Jr. and the case of the Palestinian refugees
The treadmill of solid waste management : a tale of two eastern Washington cities
Interrogating "refugeeness" : the imperial legacies in U.S. asylum policy and international humanitarian frameworks
Strategic locomotion in young walkers
Speaking for the trees : eco-literacy in public schools
Tension within the local food movement : how local food systems ensure the health of both the community and the individual
When refugees are terrorists : conceptualizing the racial logic of statelessness
A nation of immigrants : DACA, migrant precarity, and the national imagination
The ethnocide of deafness : the cochlear implant controversy
The hawk general : Alexander Haig and the formation of foreign policy in the Nixon and Reagan administrations, 1969-1982
Mammography and underserved women in Walla Walla : an examination of mammography-related knowledge, perceptions, and use
Age related associative memory performance under divided attention
A new biocitizen : reclaiming agency through radioactive narratives
Language matters : linguistic relativism and Native American language revitalization
From riches to rags : the sociology of thrift shopping among college students
Bringing Blurred Lines into focus : the relationship between rape culture and gendered subcultures at Whitman College
Parental behaviors as a function of perception
The effect of motivational and instructional self-talk on precision and endurance performance tasks
Endowments and the elite : a political economic study of the Whitman endowment