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Let's talk about feelings : emotional intelligence and aggression predict juvenile offense
Dyslexia and thalamus volume : an evaluation of the theories of dyslexia
Imagining Eastern European postcoloniality
Engineering the Soviet artist's soul
Couchsurfing as a means to refashion modernity : hospitality, nostalgia, and authenticity in an online/offline community
Retriving the lost souls of modernity : a study of neo-shamanic practice
Differential effects of positive mood states on racial ingroup perception
The effects of socioeconomic status on adolescent identity style with regard to perceived support from parents, teachers, and mentors
The radical maternal : reinterpretation of motherhood in the work of romantic period women writers
Social determinants of health care service utilization at the SOS Clinic : examining acculturation
Judged at first sight : the effects of stereotype inconsistency on interracial romantic evaluations
The effects of SES on infant and paternal salivary cortisol output
Intervention in Libya : resistance and co-option in the emerging hegemony
Corporate profit or public health? : the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate in the context of the neoliberal project
Queering Quito : the use of art-action to open space for the LGBTI community in Ecuador
Water and power : a history of large dam construction in Yunnan, China 1980-2010
Interrogating "refugeeness" : the imperial legacies in U.S. asylum policy and international humanitarian frameworks
Migration, enforcement and trashing the desert discourses of social nature from Arizona border activists
Unequal alliances : nuancing notions of success in cross-racial and cross-issue coalitions