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Kissing cousins : interaction and interbreeding between Neandertals and modern humans
The architecture of contestion : neoliberalism and public spaces in Seattle
Speaking of trauma--
Community-police relations : the impact upon the legitimacy and effectiveness of law enforcement
Overcoming environmental injustices : analyzing anti-mining mobilizations in Argentina and Colorado
Differential effects of positive mood states on racial ingroup perception
Islands of peace : how individuals, families, and communities sought to survive the Liberian Civil War
Liberal peacebuilding and UNSCR 1325 in the Congo : challenging prevailing logic of governance and re-thinking policy objectives
Food porn versus actual porn : a gendered analysis of Pinterest and Reddit
The effects of masculinity threats on perceptions of physical aggression
Consumption of essential fatty acids and cognitive abilities in college students
Priority of life : U.S. response to atrocities in East Asia during World War II
Water and power : a history of large dam construction in Yunnan, China 1980-2010
Organic food consumption and social class : an exploration of food culture at Whitman College
Naturalizing whiteness : the politics of landscape at Whitman College
In the moment : investigating the effects of a mindfulness treatment on reappraisal of sad film clips
Keepers of the sacred fire : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the redefinition of American national security
To be female is to diet : size, stigma and self in weight-loss culture
The unruly place and the unruly person : safe injection sites as pollution in Seattle’s backyard
Effects of an early motor intervention on visual attention and object exploration in low-SES infants