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"Choice" in the globalized sex market : a comparative analysis of decision-making in global sex worker communities
Mummy dearest : questions of identity in modern and ancient Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
The "herbivorous" men of Japan : negotiating new masculinities
Bodies unbound : the affective politics of binationalism in Israel/Palestine
Boon and Bane : the paradox of Pre-Pottery Neolithic caprine domestication in the southern Levant
Priority of life : U.S. response to atrocities in East Asia during World War II
<i>Kangaroo</i> : an examination of Japanese theatre in the 1960s and a translation
Navigating the cultural, political, and biological labyrinth of HPV vaccine introduction in India
Syncretism in the study of Quanzhen Taoism : from essence to argument
Fear and the coming plague : what American media tell us about infectious disease
One big cemetary : Jewish history and memory in the comics of Rutu Modan
Water and power : a history of large dam construction in Yunnan, China 1980-2010
Failed protection : literature's criticism on the partition of India
Against the experts : Harry S. Truman, David K. Niles, and the birth of the State of Israel, 1945-1948
A photographic "reorientation" : Tim Hetherington and visual records of contemporary global conflict
Recognizing a stalemate : Clark Clifford and the changing of American policy in Vietnam, 1965-1968
"Winning the battle without fighting" : strategic culture and information warfare in the People's Liberation Army of China
No pride in apartheid : modernity, sexuality and culture in homonationalism
The hawk general : Alexander Haig and the formation of foreign policy in the Nixon and Reagan administrations, 1969-1982
Captive audiences : prisoners of war and political agendas in <i>Hatufim</i> and </i>Homeland</i>