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Engineering the Soviet artist's soul
A case of miscommunication : the U.S.’s polyvalent and polysemic political myth in its advocacy against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law
"Victories and coronations" : cultural nationalism and the sacred music of Giuseppe Verdi
The marriage of thought and action : a study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Liberated but not yet free : Allied policy, Jewish displaced persons, and identity in occupied Germany, 1945-1948
Elfrida Andrée : <i>String Quartet in D minor</i> and <i>Andante Quasi Recitativo</i> for string orchestra
Dramaturgy for John Millington Synge's <i>The Playboy of the Western World</i>
Ice-marginal and proglacial fluvial characteristics of a high-arctic glacier, Linnébreen, Svalbard
Tartan nation? : strategic appropriation and avoidance of symbols of national identity by Scottish independence movement organizations
Un mariage magnétique : Beaumarchais, Mesmer et un nouveau mode de discours dans le Paris prérévolutionnaire
Imagining Eastern European postcoloniality
No pride in apartheid : modernity, sexuality and culture in homonationalism
The hawk general : Alexander Haig and the formation of foreign policy in the Nixon and Reagan administrations, 1969-1982
Glaciomarine sediment flux and transportation mechanisms, Kronebreen/Kongsvegan, Kongsfjorden, Svalbard
The glaciofluvial environment of Linnébreen, Spitsbergen, Svalbard
Reconciling the French dilemma : attitudes of the French Millennial generation towards Maghrebi immigration and assimilation in France
Invisibles y silenciados : fantasmas y fronteras en <i>Biutiful</i> y <i>Barcelona : los vagabundos de la chatarra</i>
The fantasies of organ transfer : an ideological analysis of pro-organ donation advertisements, "Everyone Has Something Good" and "The World’s Biggest Asshole"
<i>Evocatio</i> : how divine importations shaped and reshaped the spaces of Rome
A new biocitizen : reclaiming agency through radioactive narratives