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For the past, for the future : NAGPRA, repatriation, and the Native American-archaeologist relationship
"He's not here, so hopefully <i>He</i> is" : the function of religion as a coping mechanism for prison wives and girlfriends
Contaminated community : identity and activism in Libby, Montana
Contesting compliance : performativity, consciousness-raising, performance art, and <i>Doin' It In Public</i>
Let's talk about feelings : emotional intelligence and aggression predict juvenile offense
Slacktivists changing political reality : internet activism and intelligible politics in the Millennial Generation
Sovereign matrices : the disposition matrix, the state of exception, and the fate of public deliberation
Mobilizing an immobilized identity : navigating the interplay between internal and external racialization of mixed race identities
GLBTQ community in a post-closet context
Closing the youth-nature divide : perceived effects of place-based environmental education
Mammography and underserved women in Walla Walla : an examination of mammography-related knowledge, perceptions, and use
The role of kinship, cultural transmission, and independent innovation in humpback whale (<i>Megaptera novaeangliae</i>) predation on hatchery-released salmon in Southeast Alaska
"Punks" of the profession : the community acupuncture movement, health care reform, and oppositional identity
Strategic locomotion in young walkers
Welfare in the 2012 election : neoliberalism and the ideograph of opportunity
The race narrative in basketball : exposed by the 2014 NBA draft
Conditions of possibility : racialized reporting in the <i>New York Times</i>
Drone melancholia
"This is not a legal proceeding" : deconstructing the new Title IX