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Shirley Temple Black campaigning for Richard Nixon
Car in Lakum Duckum
Bennington Lake
Stevens Treaty Centennial
Baker School
Penrose Library under construction
F.W. Woolworth Store
Penrose Library circulation desk
Logan Chevrolet and Cadillac dealership
Table Supply grocery store
Fred Meyer Store at the Blue Mountain Mall
Dial telephones arrive in Walla Walla at the house of Mrs. Ella M. Taylor
Pastime Cafe
Daughter of the Pioneers of Washington in historic costume
People playing tennis at the Bratton Tennis Center
Veterans Memorial Pool
Ed Parrott and David Klicker at a national track and field meet in Texas
Ed Parrott and David Klicker boarding a plane to Texas for a national track and field meet
Whitman College student demonstration protesting the Vietnam War draft
Whitman College versus Northwest Nazarene College basketball game