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For the past, for the future : NAGPRA, repatriation, and the Native American-archaeologist relationship
Let's talk about feelings : emotional intelligence and aggression predict juvenile offense
Mobilizing an immobilized identity : navigating the interplay between internal and external racialization of mixed race identities
GLBTQ community in a post-closet context
Mammography and underserved women in Walla Walla : an examination of mammography-related knowledge, perceptions, and use
"This is not a legal proceeding" : deconstructing the new Title IX
The disenchanted missionary : unraveling the colonial fantasies of Whitman College
Variations in the soil properties of the premier vineyards of the Columbia Basin : implications for terroir
All that "sancti-mommy bullshit" : unraveling the cultural complexities of "natural" childbirth
Kindergarten readiness in the Walla Walla Valley : using data in education, racialized cultural capital, and the pursuit of counter-stories
"Taking back the park" : the framing of a contested public space as a social problem
Bringing Blurred Lines into focus : the relationship between rape culture and gendered subcultures at Whitman College
Speaking for the trees : eco-literacy in public schools
Sharing pasts, sharing stories : representations of colonial contact history in three Columbia River Basin museums
Incarceration for nonpayment in superior court : an analysis of justice and its discontents
Organic food consumption and social class : an exploration of food culture at Whitman College
The architecture of contestion : neoliberalism and public spaces in Seattle
The infestation of stigma : an ecological systems approach to the stigmatization of head lice
Dammed if we do : narratives bound to the Skokomish Valley area
Teachers talk : a case study of Lincoln High School's trauma-informed disciplinary philosophy as understood and implemented by teachers