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Let's talk about feelings : emotional intelligence and aggression predict juvenile offense
Lakatos and Whitehead : ties between philosophy of mathematics and math education
Garden of Eden or Apocalypse Now? : an exploration of dystopic texts, modern day fears, and the impending future
To be female is to diet : size, stigma and self in weight-loss culture
Survey model-assisted estimation with the lasso
Rarely told
Undocufriendly : out of the shadows of the ivory tower
Valley and moraine morphology as a function of lithology and surficial processes on Tana Volcano, Islands of Four Mountains, AK
Computational and synthetic design of biomimetic model complexes of the Mo-Cu carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
Mestizaje and the music of Gabriela Lena Frank
The interaction between task, infant sex, and socioeconomic status in maternal infant-directed speech
Facies analysis and sedimentology of the Cretaceous Nanushuk Formation at Slope Mountain, Alaska
Allied against discrimination : testing the effect of stigma type on perceptions of high and low-status allies who confront prejudice
Effects of an early motor intervention on visual attention and object exploration in low-SES infants
Archaeological site stratigraphy as a record of human resilience in the Islands of Four Mountains, Alaska
Disease and dissent : a comparative study of cervical cancer at the intersection of politics and culture
Quantification of sperm transfer during mating in two solitary bee species, Megachile rotundata (Megachilidae) and Nomia melanderi (Halictidae)
On and up "The Hill" : women creating space among the bad and good ol' boys
Trace metal substitution in and release from jarosite
A case of miscommunication : the U.S.’s polyvalent and polysemic political myth in its advocacy against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law