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Precision guided democracy : the American war on terror from catch and release to kill and capture
Novel Ptolemaic naval power : Arsinoë II, Ptolemy II, and Cleopatra VII’s innovative thalassocracies
Acoustic panopticism : gender, space, and sound in the early modern Ottoman sultanate
A formula for failure : the Reagan administration's foreign policy with El Salvador and Nicaragua
Pandora's box : the Nixon Administration and Bolivia, 1969-1972
Building a new world order : "Operation Just Cause" and the construction of a post-Cold War American foreign policy
Stephen B.L. Penrose Jr. and the case of the Palestinian refugees
The hawk general : Alexander Haig and the formation of foreign policy in the Nixon and Reagan administrations, 1969-1982
No Surrender : Bruce Springsteen and the American dream
Liberated but not yet free : Allied policy, Jewish displaced persons, and identity in occupied Germany, 1945-1948
The Whitman legend : the intertwining of history and memorial in the narrative of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
"Distaste for the violent doves" : the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson and the antiwar movement
"Morally wrong and politically unacceptable" : Ronald Reagan and constructive engagement, 1981-1988
Eisenhower's nuclear policy toward China during the first Quemoy and Matsu crisis, September 1954-April 1955
Against the experts : Harry S. Truman, David K. Niles, and the birth of the State of Israel, 1945-1948
Islands of peace : how individuals, families, and communities sought to survive the Liberian Civil War
Priority of life : U.S. response to atrocities in East Asia during World War II
Water and power : a history of large dam construction in Yunnan, China 1980-2010
Keepers of the sacred fire : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the redefinition of American national security
"The people with burned faces" : Greco-Roman anti-black racism and its modern effects