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Whitman Tennis Team, 1923-1924
Whitman Football Team, 1920
Whitman Football Team, 1931
Whitman Track Team, 1933
Whitman Basketball Team, 1930-1931
Class of 1913 outside and on Ankeny Field, 1910
Student Army Training Corps on Ankeny Field
Picnic tables "hugging" on Ankeny Field
Students talking on Ankeny during a football practice
Whitman Track Team, 1935
Whitman Football Team, 1936
Students on Ankeny Field for the opening of the Penrose Library
Students moving books into the new Penrose Library
Two students sitting by a tree on Ankeny Field
Whitman Women's Tennis Team, 1926
Lacrosse players on Ankeny Field
Football spectators on Ankeny Field
Whitman Baseball Team, 1935
Whitman Baseball Team, 1926