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The effect of motivational and instructional self-talk on precision and endurance performance tasks
Effects of mental toughness and mood on perseverance in athletes and non-athletes
Whitman Men's Tennis Team, 1945
Whitman Track Team, 1935
Whitman Baseball Team, 1909-1910
Whitman Baseball Team, 1935
Students talking on Ankeny during a football practice
Whitman Basketball Team, 1918-1919
Whitman Basketball Team, 1935-1936
Whitman Women's Tennis Team, 1935
Whitman Football Team, 1942
Whitman Tennis Team, 1923-1924
Kappa Kappa Gamma Basketball Team, 1920-1921
Whitman Men's Tennis Team, 1935
Whitman Football Team, 1936
Whitman Basketball Team, 1943-1944
Whitman Track Team, 1943
Whitman Track Team, 1920
Whitman Basketball Team, 1919-1920
Whitman Track Team, 1922-1923