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Reopening the doors of perception : an examination of cannabis, fear, and altered states of consciousness
Closing the youth-nature divide : perceived effects of place-based environmental education
Aspects of value : an investigation of Washington state water governance
A content analysis of the National Park Service's social media presence : the representation and construction of America's Best Idea
Unsettled solidarity : decolonizing indigenous/non-indigenous coalitions
The influence of climate on colluvial hillslopes : insights from mapping hillslope asymmetry in the Eastern Mojave Desert and an exploration of digital terrain modelling using Structure from Motion
The radical “eco-terrorist” animal rights movement : conflicting frames of the Animal Liberation Front
Affluence and environmentalism : invisibility and injustice in Jackson, Wyoming
Recording near : environmental compassion through photography and film
Overcoming environmental injustices : analyzing anti-mining mobilizations in Argentina and Colorado
Mind the gap : an essay on gardening politics
Canvassing the landscape : an exploration of landscape gardening and artistry in literature and national parks
Apocaylpse then, apocalypse now, and a future without fear : a neo-paganistic reimagining of our climate change narrative
The sociality of Lyme disease : an actor-network-theory approach to my disease and its implications
Effects of riparian revegetation on stream temperature in the Walla Walla basin
Individual communalism : Thoreau’s time at Walden as rumination on and a personal reiteration of social reform
Use of CYCLAM to probe the influence of surfaces on ligand exchange
Skagit River dust
When mirrors become windows and screens open up
Tea time in Langtang : a play