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Le sujet enchainé : le sujet absurde, psychanalytique, et littéraire chez Albert Camus et Jacques Lacan
The discourse about the phenomenon of mass Islamic conversion as a quasi-religion of the American incarceration complex
fault | lines : a sonic collection
Queered time on the page : the micro-level revolution of the bishōnen in 21st century Yaoi manga
Author of his own Auctoritas : the intersection of education, episcopate, ecclesiology and martyrdom in Cyprian of Carthage
One big cemetary : Jewish history and memory in the comics of Rutu Modan
"The authority of my servants" : authority in the early Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Cripping survivorship : the state’s treatment of the experience of sexual violence as similar to disability
"Winning the battle without fighting" : strategic culture and information warfare in the People's Liberation Army of China
La resistance empathique de Marguerite Duras
Fucking while feminist : gender performativity in feminist and mainstream pornographic films
The man in Mr. Jones : exorcising misunderstandings of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple
Un mariage magnétique : Beaumarchais, Mesmer et un nouveau mode de discours dans le Paris prérévolutionnaire
Fourth and long : gay identities and the N.F.L.
"Near and graspable" : imagining a binational future for Israel/Palestine
Not another dead lesbian : the Bury Your Gays trope, queer grief, and The 100
No pride in apartheid : modernity, sexuality and culture in homonationalism
La Grande Guerre et les rapports franco-américains : un regard épistolaire